Mobile Video Users Jump 40% Says Nielsen, But Growth Rate Declines .

Nielsen just released their Q3 and Q4 2010 State of the Media for mobile video usage. In the report they state that mobile video users jumped some 40% just both Q3 and Q4 in year-over-year numbers. That’s a pretty massive jump.

At year end nearly 25 million Americans were watching mobile video according to the report. The Q3 09 to Q3 10 comparison shows a 45.53% jump while the Q4 09 vs Q4 10 shows 40.52% But the growth rates are fairly static when you look at them. Usage itself is up as well, during the second half of 2010 the average time per month spent with online video was four hours and twenty minutes, up from 3:37 Q4 2009 to Q2 2010. Teens top out at 8:40 with young adults (18-24) hitting 5:25 in Q3 and 7:13 and 6:30 in Q4 with adults 25-34 hitting right on the average.

Q3 2009 shows 15,744,000 mobile video users 13+ while Q4 2009 had 17,583,000 or about a 2 million user jump quarter-to-quarter. If you were to extrapolate that growth rate then Q1 2010 would be about 19.6M and Q2 would be 21.6M (it was 21.96M). Q3 was set at 22.9M and Q4 at 24.7M so theoretically, mobile video growth is actually slowing.

The blue line represents the the growth rate from Q3 2009 and Q4 2009 as recorded by Nielsen, the rest are extrapolated on the blue line from the previous numbers. The orange line shows the actual recorded values. So as you can see Q2 2010 was actually an exceptional quarter but that growth in the second half of 2010 is actually lower than the blue line which means there was a decline in growth which seems to be continuing as the lines are getting further and further apart near the top right corner.


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